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ianpie requested: Ian and Anthony in SHORTEST SHORTS EVER!

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 Skyrim + prettiness.


 Skyrim + prettiness.

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au where the creatures have a snapchat

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Beloved video games characters [part 2/2]

Okay I couldn’t resist and I did it (ㆁᴗㆁ✿) I just wanted to thank you all for my recent 3’500 followers goal so I put all my efforts in this icons set! I never made icons before so please be gentle to me \(//∇//)\ Anyway for everyone crazy enough to use them they are totally free to use and just seeing them on your blog will fill my heart with joy ♥

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Make me choose:
 asked: Watch_Dogs or GTA V 

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I used the same music I did for the Goodbye Kittens one, when I sent the kittens off, I thought I should use this one again because his name was Wrex and he was named after a Mass Effect character. He only deserves it.”

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